In my opinion i will travel

I think I’m able to travel

Although lots of living creatures can travel, guy had been chained to your planet for many thousands of years. Flying is everyone’s cream. Flying, however, wasn’t possible until the start of century. One cool December morning in 1903 two Wright United states brothers rose from sand of vermont, making personal journey a real possibility.


But man features tried to travel like birds since ancient times. When you look at the 70s regarding the last century, people become thinking about gliders. They climbed up the mountains and leapt into space, gliding along hill mountains.


Within change for this century, guy did achieve realizing their old dream. Before long some courageous young men tried to power the glider, incorporating a small engine and a propeller to it. They have been sold as kits and one can build the aircraft manually with simple hand resources. Flying has actually hence be a well known sport.


Have you recalled a song by R.Kelly called I believe i could travel? Certainly, traveling is man’s earliest fantasy, because everyone would like to conquer one thing to prove that he’s strong and he may do it. I like the song truly. This is actually the sound in my heart.

“we used to think that I could not go on

And life was simply a horrible song

Nevertheless now I’m sure the meaning of real love

I am tilting regarding everlasting arms

Easily can see it, then I can do it

Easily simply think it, you’ll find nothing to it

I really believe i could travel

In my opinion i will touch the sky

I believe about any of it every night and time

Spread my wings and fly away

I believe I’m able to soar

I see me running through that open-door

In my opinion I can travel

In my opinion i could travel

In my opinion I’m able to travel

See I was in the brink of breaking down

Occasionally silence, it can appear therefore loud

You will find wonders in life i have to attain

But first I know it starts inside me personally”


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