Fly Light Positioning

Fly Light Positioning
There is really no absolute rule to travel light positioning, nonetheless they must be found in a way that draws flies out of the painful and sensitive places, in the place of towards them. The ideal height of a fly light is 6 foot off the floor, because could be the typical level most traveling insects tend to be traveling at. If you place the fly lights any lower you may be simply attracting the flies into meals prep places.

Always put the fly lights where they may be easy to get at, while they do need to be serviced regularly therefore wish this becoming as facile as it is possible so that it can be done without ingesting many time and producing plus frustration than essential.

Make sure the fly light units are positioned taken care of of equipment which may have an opportunity to harm them. In addition they ought to no present any risk to personnel inside their placement areas. Placement is ideal to avoid the flies from making in to the areas which are critical for fly control, you will not want to-draw more inside the area, instead capture them before they make their particular way in.

You should protect the doors and windows, and any other access points also it are essential to utilize multiple fly pitfall in an area. Offsetting the fly devices somewhat also to prevent attracting a lot more of them through the outside because they are in a position to understand light from house windows tend to be openings just isn’t desirable.

Using a fly device which has an electric killing grid is a good option for protecting doors and especially for places that have no potential for meals contamination. You will also like to make sure its shielded from wind gust as so that the flies are not swept out from the catch trays.

In important food areas don’t place an unit straight over meals because it could be hard to program, there clearly was a threat of dirt falling and contaminating the food. The required result is always to draw the flies away from the food preparation location plus it wouldn’t be ideal when there is a fly control device drawing all of them into the location.

It really is perfect to utilize glue board products in areas being for food preparation, it is almost always the actual only real products which can be authorized. In smaller location you will find smaller devices available, additionally available are discreet fly glue board products for consumer delicate areas where you may not when the glue panels to-be visually noticeable to customers.

In larger areas it’s ideal to use larger units which have a watt of 40 inches are far more. You can find devices which can be hung through the roof and are two sided lights having twice the attraction. Try not to put the light device near a air managing product.

There’s absolutely no specific rule regarding fly light positioning but by using these restrictions enable ensure your success along with your fly killer system.

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