Hawaiian Luau Events

Hawaiian Luau Parties

Aloooooooohaaaa! Ok, that is lame, however your party won’t be with your Hawaiian luau party themes!

In Which

Much like many theme events, you will need a decent-sized space or yard, you can also lease a celebration room. These motifs, climate permitting, certainly would-be great in a patio environment (especially when you have a pool). In addition, these kinds tend to be events tend to be well-known in winter season to help individuals “think cozy!”

One innovative idea for a Hawaiian luau party invitation is make artificial flight tickets, arrival location at Maui, Oahu, or one of many various other islands regarding time and date associated with celebration. Various other imagery that could be made use of includes shores, Tiki, palm woods, Coconuts/Pineapples, hula performers, etc. You can create a “Unique Luau” flyer for an unique party (birthday, anniversary…).

Other options for the Hawaiian luau celebration tend to be getting tropical searching blank invitations or paper and printing all of them on your pc, or even purchase fill-in-the-blank invites.

In terms of dress, luau celebration motifs demand lawn dresses, leis, coastline hats, coconut bikini tops, Hawaiian tops, brilliant flowery images, etc. make sure you note regarding invitation if you expect your guests to decorate.

Favors (or game/door awards) for the Hawaiian luau party visitors may include palm-tree shaped votive candles, a toucan candle, layer necklaces, leis (standard and flowery, even light-up people!), hula girls and men, poi or other Hawaiian meal examples, and any other little gift which Hawaiian.

There are LOTS of designs and favors for Hawaiian luau events. Here are some ideas:

* Protect a wall with a Hawaiian mural

* Tan and blue balloons spread about (beach colors) or tropical floral colors like yellow, red, purple, green.

* make use of any one of several forms of palm woods, parrots, exotic seafood, and suns (expansive, metallic, paper, structure, lighted strings or elsewhere). You may also have hula girl designs, pineapple also good fresh fruit displays, and tiki/totem pole accessories (and tableware).

* Exotic plants (genuine or silk) or luau, hula, or tiki candle holders or luminaries could be dining table centerpieces or accents anywhere in your party location.

* Grass skirting in the tables is a neat touch also. In the event that you really want to get all-out, you may get a lawn tiki “hut” and employ it given that bar or any other serving location.

* do not forget to have luau or Tiki-themed tableware and napkins in brilliant colors, mix and match bright luau solid colors, or even shell-shaped plates and coconut glasses!

* i know love the Tiki appearance. Take a look at a number of the luau (and Tiki) accessories that are available at Shindigz. They have attractive masks, flaming Tiki mind, Tiki nut cups, even a Tiki Tower (totem pole) and “entrance!” CherylMakesParties features a few luau tableware establishes to choose from, including an extremely colorful Tiki set. There is also Tiki citranella candle lights, lights and invitations. As well as for favors, there are even Tiki bobbleheads!

When i believe of Hawaiian meals, i believe of pineapples and pork. Have actually a chicken roast, if at all possible, of course perhaps not, have Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs as a main dish. Other Hawaiian delights might be: Ham with pineapple glaze, lomi-lomi Salmon, Huli-Huli Chicken (Hawaii’s form of barbequed chicken), pineapple/fruit salad, Kalua Pork, Chicken extended Rice, Pacific Rim Beef Salad with Ginger Sesame Dressing, Ahi or Fried Poke, steamed dumplings, egg rolls, Hawaiian sandwiches, potato crab salad, wontons, and volcano shrimp dip.

Hawaiian luau party desserts could include Pineapple Haupia, coconut cream cake, macademia nut cookies, banana bread, pineapple coconut pubs, along with other Hawaiian-related goodies!

Remember tropical products for Hawaiian luau celebration motifs! Make sure to have fruit punch (Pacific Punch), and products like Blue Hawaiians, After Luaus, Pina Coladas and Daiquiris (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic). Range from the principles like Kona coffee, beer, soda, iced-tea, and wine. Get beverage dishes at DrinkNation. Browse tropical, rum, beach, and comparable terms.

Whether or not it’s a birthday celebration or other celebration, you need a dessert. Or you may indeed wish a cake as a dessert product. With a Hawaiian luau celebration, I’d go with coconut or pineapple inverted cake! Or perhaps you may want a round or sheet cake decorated with hula performers, hand woods, a map associated with Hawaiian countries, exotic plants (with a lei around it!), etc.

Have a hula party contest and do the limbo!

Have a Don Ho impersonator or hula performers do an overall performance, or get guests give karaoke or hula moving a try. No matter, you may need Hawaiian songs.

Cheryl Williams Levey is the owner of celebration preparing Tips ( http://www.party-planning-ideas.com ) a resource for celebration planning. Take a look at site and deliver this lady your needs for articles about specific celebration motifs.